LeBron James hit his peak at 33

Recently, LeBron James, who plays on the position of the small and power forward for the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers, has turned thirty-three years old. Throughout all fifteen years of his career, LeBron pleased his fans with vibrant games. He proved himself to be a versatile and capable player. LeBron breaks out into the leaders on all the tables and sports indicators. James is a four-time MVP winner, three times the best NBA player, and also a prize winner of two gold medals in the Olympics.

Now the basketball player’s score is five thousand points more than Karim Abdul-Jabbar, who is considered the most productive basketball player ever. Moreover, James does not give any failures while playing, and with a return, there is not a drop of a decrease in the effectiveness or professionalism of the player.

LeBron was a part of the first symbolic team of the season for eleven times. There is no doubt that this spring the basketball player will show an absolute record.

The worst performance of LeBron was when he scored about 23.5 points per game. The player’s worst index in rebounds and passes is 6.0.

On the player’s account, there are 1316 regular season matches, in each of which James scored at least ten points, except eight games. Seven of these ‘worst’ games happened just at the beginning of his career in the NBA.

Since the age of adulthood, LeBron has not had a single game in which he scored not a two-digit number of points. At the moment, a series of such matches is 826 games. Only Jordan with his 866 successful games had beated him.

You can add the fact that LeBron never had more than two matches in a row, wherever he made at least one interception or block shot, to the treasury of the unique facts about the talented and almost brilliant basketball player.

At the moment in the table of the most effective snipers, Lebron will give way only to Curry in the season 2015-2016.

The best individual game in the life and career of LeBron is probably a match with Washington in November 2017. In this game, the player scored fifty-seven points. It is not a record of his points for the game (the record is considered to be a game with Charlotte in 2014, where LeBron scored 61 points), but for effectiveness, activity, and perfection – this is undoubtedly the best match in his career. Here, the player’s account was recorded eleven rebounds, seven assists, two block shots and three interceptions.

There is no doubt that in his thirty-three years, LeBron James has achieved tremendous results in basketball and can genuinely be considered one of the best players in history.

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