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Football is the most popular sport for betting in bookmakers – you can easily find analytical data and reviews about this game. But the bookies accurately calculate the coefficients, and it is challenging to beat them. Therefore, it is necessary to use football predictions from experts.

What Kind of Bets Can I Make?

The most common mistake of newcomers is to place a bet in BOs without studying main types of bets. Most players put one of the teams to win. There are such types of bets on football:

  1. The main outcome. It can be the victory of the first or second team (P1 or P2), a draw (X). Such rates became the basis for the development of the bookmaker industry.
  2. Double chance. These are the sub-variant of the previous one. By 1X is meant P1 or X (non-loss of the first team), X2 is P2 or X (non-loss of the second team), 12 is P1 or P2.
  3. Total. In football, this means scored goals. The client needs to guess whether the number of goals scored by both teams would be closer or distant the chosen one. For example, the total is more than 2.5 (TB 2.5). Bettor wins if three or more goals are scored in the match.
  4. Asian Handicap. Bets are placed on the possible winner taking into account the advantages. For example, bettor chooses a handicap -1.5 in the match between Real (Madrid) and Malaga. The victory of Real with a difference of two goals will be a success.
  5. The exact account. It is necessary to predict the match score.

There are also types betting which are less in demand for football predictions – bets on the auto goals, time match (the result of the first half and the whole game), long-term bets for futures (the results of leagues or tournaments). The most popular leagues are Premier League, Primera, and Bundesliga. You can put on the matches of the Champions League and Europe, the World Cup.

How to Choose the Prediction for the Football Match?

Football prediction is an assessment of the winning chances of teams. The most likely outcome of the match is determined, by which the predictor (capper) makes a bet. No one can guarantee 100% accurate result. Sport is always unpredictable, especially football.

Predictions for today’s match are published on many sites and resources, for money and for free. The first stage is the search for one or more cappers. When choosing them, you should pay attention to:

  • period of their activity,
  • user reviews,
  • the percentage of accurate predictions.

To place a bet on the sport, you should get to know it. First, you need to choose a free football prediction. If several predictions are accurate, you can place more significant bets. For permanent earnings, you need to use a large bankroll.

Express predictions on football matches have exceptionally high coefficients. To win, you need to ensure that none of the events lost. Such bets on football are placed by professionals. Do not get upset if the prediction didn’t work. One failure can be replaced by a complete series of successful outcomes.

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