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Recently, on the February 11th, one of the most striking matches in the regular season of the National Hockey League took place. Tampa Bay Lightning won against the Los Angeles Kings. Tampa hosted guests at the Amal Arena stadium. Tampa-Bayers won with a score of 4:3.

Before this landmark match, Tampa Bay played 54 games in the championship. For all the time the team managed to score 77 points, which provided it the lead in Eastern conference. Tampa Bay won first place deservedly. The team won on its territory 18 times, and one more victory earned being a guest.

Kings also played 54 games in the regular season, but they managed to score only 65 points. The team possesses the sixth place in the Western Conference. Los Angeles won fourteen wins on its own ice and sixteen in guest games.

In the National Hockey League, these teams played in 36 games in total. On the February 11th, Tampa had 19 wins, which they won in regular time and 2 wins, which they managed to pull the team out of shootouts. The Los Angeles Kings had won 11 matches in regular time; one victory was taken in overtime and one in shootouts.

Before that in the season, Tampa and Kings took part in one game. The game took place on the territory of Kings, where the guests (Tampa) won. The score was 2:5 in favor of the visiting team. Tampa not only shows leadership in the overall tournament statistics, ranking first in the tables but indicates itself adequately in home games. Kings show a fantastic game on the road, but for the last time, they won against Tampa only in the distant 2015.

Not surprisingly, this game was also crowned with the victory of Tampa Bay Lightning. The battle was very intense and exciting. All the players gave their best, which showed such a spectacular save from Vasilevsky.

Fans of the teams remember the game mostly by the performance of Andrei Vasilevsky. He made off 44 goals, after which he got the title of the match’s best player. He managed to make one of the brightest saves in the first period. Angier Kopitar tried to make a throw from an acute angle, having built a whole trap for Vasilevsky. However, Andrew successfully repelled the attack, which caused a flurry of emotions in his fans.

At the moment, Vasilevsky is the league’s leader in the number of wins (out of 32) and shutouts (7 of them). The goalkeeper is also in third place in the ranking by the percentage of reflected attacks (92.9%).

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