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Modern bookmakers allow you to win significant sums by placing bets on sports competitions. Bets on basketball have become the favorite and promising direction of sports betting among beginners and professionals. To get a positive result, you need to analyze the statistics and read the accurate predictions for basketball matches.

Basketball Betting: Basic Types and Their Characteristics

In sports betting, there are many types of bets on basketball matches. The most popular among bettors are bets on:

  • the outcome of the game/quarter with or without extra time;
  • total/individual outcome – the number of points, fouls, free throws, and also totals in a specific range;
  • the final difference in the score of a wide-range match;
  • periods comparison – in which quarter teamі will show the best performance per game;
  • match comparison – matches between teams of the same level are compared within the same round.

There are also long-term bets, the essence of which is that it is necessary to predict which team will proceed to the next stage of the tournament. This type is of the highest interest in the NBA and the Euroleague. Draw in basketball is a rarity, but sometimes it happens, so some players, betting for today, place a bet on winning one of the teams with a handicap of 0.5. The coefficient decreases slightly, while the bettors are insured against loss. There is also such a kind as live-bets – they can be changed during the championship.

How to Choose High-Quality Basketball Predictions

There are plenty of sports analysts in the network, but they cannot guarantee accurate and correct predictions. Some cappers provide free basketball predictions, which are published on pages or blogs in the public domain or distributed by subscription. You can trust analysts who back their observations and thoughts with statistics, screenshots of old predictions.

Also, when choosing a capper, it is worth paying attention to the fact that honest and experienced analysts warn players about the risk of rates and purchase of predictions, do not guarantee a 100% profit, and do not sell information about the matches agreed. Signs of a good caper, which can give a high-quality forecast for basketball for tomorrow and can provide its customer’s income:

  • The size of each bet when compared to the bank is within two to five percent.
  • The monthly income from bets when compared to the game bank is from 10 to 20%.
  • The maximum level of a drawdown varies up to 30%.
  • ROI (rate of return of each bet) is from 6 to 20%.

Bets on basketball matches are one of the most promising areas of sports betting. There are many types of bets: on the outcome of the match/quarter, total and individual total, odds, comparison quarters/matches. To choose a good prediction, you need to find honest and proven cappers. Some sports analysts publish their predictions for free.

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